Saturday, June 8, 2013

So Pho, so good

Most cool suburbs have cafes, bars and restaurants that are so part of the local culture and traditions that they are considered institutions and phd - Sup’herb Pho in Marrickville is a great example.

When I lived in Marrickville I was introduced to what was its previous incarnation of Pho Bac by my nieces and nephew, whose Friday night visits date back to when they were tiny. Since then it has a face lift and a name change but the great tasting honest food remains the same.
So in a recent visit to Sydney for the Writers’Festival, I squeezed in a dinner out with the much loved Family at this old haunt.

First we ordered Vietnamese Fresh Spring rolls which came out super fast and were well presented and tasted great. They were good that they disappeared almost instantly!!

Next we ordered Vermicelli with Shredded Pork and Salad whose complex flavours were nice but not overpowering and the same goes for the Thai Style Braised Noodles.

We were tossing up whether to order the fried rice or not because it can be a little boring but we weren't too disappointed and as it complimented the other dishes we were quite glad that we did.

We could go out for Vietnamese without ordering a bowel of Pho and it was just what wanted. I don’t know if it was authentically Vietnamese or what but it was hot, well cooked and brought back memories of visiting that lovely country.  

What was my favourite dish?

I don’t know! I can’t decide between the Vermicelli and the Thai Noodles. The Thai Noodles, with its green vegetables, looked so green and vibrant that I could have ordered another portion but both dishes were perfect and I would totally recommend them.                  


If you are in Marrickville, give this place a go. It’s not super flash or could be considered fine dining but the food hits the spot when it’s Friday and you've had a big week and you’re exhausted or when it is Sunday night and you want some where chilled to take a bunch of hungry kids.  

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