Thursday, February 22, 2007

Time to share the cake Howard, there’s enough to go around

During Prime Minister John Howard's recent trip to Perth, Western Australia's peak Union body, Union WA provided his community morning tea with 'Your-rights-at-work' cakes with orange icing.

Union WA were protesting about Work Choices, rules that make it easier to sack staff for no reason and allowing individual contacts which cut wages and conditions.

All of which provide a bigger slice of the cake to the employer and little to the employee.

"Despite a booming economy and soaring wages of CEOs, more and more Australians are being left behind under Howard's unfair workplace laws. It is time for Australians to get a bigger slice of the cake" said Simone McGurk, Assistant Secretary of Unions WA.

Working Australians are just getting the crumbs.

The Howard government believe that they are responsible for economic growth, while real wages fail to rise with the cost of living.

Howard, it's time to go.

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