Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello Miss Kitty

The great thing about mid week meetups with friends is that they remind you that fun times don’t have to be relegated to the weekends. 

So after reading about Miss Kitty Saloon recently, I suggested to a couple of local gals that we check out this Inglewood newbie.

If any of you are familiar with the Inglewood area, you would know that Miss Kitty has replaced the local Italian eatery Avenue Nine. You’d be pleased to know that the space has gone from somewhere that suburbanites would take their grandmother for her 60th birthday lunch (dinner might be getting a bit late) to one that pulls a younger and hippier crowed.

It has an American retro theme without the American sized portions and at Perth Prices.

After forcing ourselves to stop gossiping and to make some choices about what to order we picked some entrees. Being a fan of the smoked salmon, I loved the idea of it being part of the filling of their Buttermilk Buns and let me tell you, they were divine. 

We also ordered a couple of Hot Wing Pancakes and with its grated carrot on top had a rabbit food vibe but tasted amazing and totally unexpected.

Because it was Tuesday and I had a long day at work I went for a Dog ‘n’ a Beer (only available on Tuesdays) and quirky was the only way to describe it. Surrounded by corn chips, my Dog was well presented (sorry, it was too dark to take a photo) and alongside a can of a beer that I’d never heard of, life was good at that point. Being used to the standard Aussie far that is common on Tuesday (i.e. Pizza/burger/fish and chips and a pint) I was kinda hoping for something a little more substantial that would replenish the batteries after a day at work but it tasted good and I could always order another drink as my mates and I chatted about the week in politics.

Before heading home my pals and I couldn't resist dessert. Tess and I shared what I think was a Pecan Pie but it was the shape and size of a mince pie but tasted wonderful. My only criticism is that, while the food was nice, the portion size wasn't worthy of the price tag.

If you live up Inglewood way and want to eat at somewhere cool and different, try Miss Kitty's Saloon – you’ll love it.

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