Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sydney’s Opera Bar, the jewel in the crown of the city’s night life

On a trip to Sydney recently I made sure that I visited the opera bar.  With its incredible view, the opera bar is the perfect way of finishing a day of sightseeing in this wonderful city.

It is spoilt with almost picture perfect views of both the opera house, Harbour Bridge and the city. This bar can't really do much wrong.

While the view is the biggest asset, the wine list is good but not extensive and food is what you'd expect from such a venue. It includes oysters, a range of pizzas, salads and sides as well as a good breakfast menu. The cocktail list is also not extensive but perfectly made. They also do cocktail jugs for two which is kinda cool if you want to share.

I had a Raspberry Blossom which was great and while I sat there drinking it and looking out on one of the best views on the face of the plant, I couldn’t help but think that life couldn’t get much better than this. They once did a Toblerone cocktail which was amazing.   

When is the best time to visit?

Luckily, The Opera Bar’s opening times are pretty good so it depends on your mood.

Dusk and evenings it pulls quite an eclectic crowd with a mix of suits, tourists, concert goers and those having a drink before heading to nightclubs. Often they have bands/DJs playing and along with the view, pulls quite crowd.    

During the afternoon it is a lot more mellow and relaxed.     

Along with admiring the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, visiting The Opera Bar is almost monitory when visiting Sydney. Get a drink, sit back and enjoy the view.      

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    It remind me my holiday in Austrlia years ago .

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