Friday, November 28, 2014

Mom’s Dumpling House not your usual experience

Often Restaurants in Australia that offer food from other countries adapt their food to the local pallet. While they do it for business reasons, I often look out for places that pull crowds from that country as it is usually a sign of being true to their roots.

Mom’s Dumpling House in Victoria Park is great like this. Situated near Vic Park's famous 'Kidney Roundabout', it is an unassuming restaurant that specialises in Northern Chinese food. 

While they have the standard fare such as dumplings, sweet and sour pork and the like, their menu is full of dishes that I had never heard of and weren’t particularly appealing to the Aussie taste such as ox tongue in chilli sauce, beef and ox tripe in chilli sauce, hot & spicy pork ear as well as poached pork liver.

To celebrate the end of the working week my friends and I visited Mom’s Dumpling House and after some discussion we chose quite the feast.    

We went for kailan in oyster sauce, spicy seaweed salad, spring rolls and chives, pork and shrimp dumplings (steamed) to start off with and which we loved. Although the dumplings came out much later which was a shame as we would have appreciated them if they came out before we were half way through our meal.    

The butter chicken was chosen by my young friend who loved it as it wasn’t spicy and had simple flavours.

The hot & spicy pigs ear was served cold on a bed of shaved cucumber; with its multiple layers of flavour, it was an unexpected favourite.

The chicken, mushroom vermicelli claypot was a surprise and wasn’t what we expected. This dish was heavy and resembled comfort food that you would have in the middle of winter in Russia rather than on a late spring everning in Western Australia.  

It quite easy to order too much food but luckily, the staff were happy to provide containers for you to take food home. Overall, the service was great and I will defiantly be back to enjoy their Northern Chinese menu.     

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