Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lunch with Felix

Felix and Co is one of my favourites on the Hampton Road strip.

I have been here several times and have always found the coffee to be excellent. They have several different roasts on offer which they rotate. Felix and Co also sell beans for you to take home which is a great way of enjoying good coffee at home as well as continuing to support local businesses.

Today I had an appointment that I really wasn’t looking forward to so I decided to do lunch at Felix to ease the pain.

I chose “The Vego” toastie from their rather limited menu (which I assume is because of their small kitchen) and I added some ham to my sandwich. Since I have some Swiss heritage I was very excited about the Gruyere cheese that was going to be alongside the Antipesto mix, Siracho sauce and BBQ mushrooms.

I wasn’t disappointed(although the sourdough would have added a little extra quality)and none of the flavours were too overpowering.

While the menu isn’t extensive, the pastries at Felix’s are lovely. The Friand was beautiful, it was moist and fluffy.

I look forward to many more great cups of coffee from Felix and Co.

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