Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rise, grind and repeat!

I guess it is my fault for being a little hyperactive and passionate about a lot of things but being disabled and a feminist made me aware of disadvantage and inequality.    

Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself and blaming everything from the patriarchy, my disability to having had to move to Perth aged fifteen for all my woes, I have had this strong urge to get out there and do something.

Ever since I had some amazing opportunities a while ago, I have been able to contribute to my community and ensure that people with disabilities can live as part of our community and not in a separate enclave. 

This has inspired me to do Social Impact @ UWA. While a scholarship did lessen the financial guilt about going back to school, taking on another commitment did keep me up at night.

How on earth was I going to fit part-time study on top of sitting on two board of directors, a full-time job and an active social/travel life?  

Luckily, my uni course is delivered in block mode so while it is super busy for 6 or 7 weeks, there is some reprieve in between units.   

As it turns out, running life as a military operation, planning ahead and getting up at 5 am to get stuff done is the only way to fit it all in. The days are often long; they often start at 0500 and are non-stop until 2200+.  It is difficult to keep on top of everything while dealing with everyday challenges such as a blocked sink, broken wardrobe and bathroom renovations. 

The joys of a blocked sink
A wordrobe malfunction 

Luckily my classes fit in to my ‘weekend’ which means no days off to relax and do chores.  But shift work allows me to to prepare for board meetings and complete assignments before work.  Still, it is all worth it!

What could I do different? I could reduce my hours at work but being financially independent and a homeowner with a mild travel obsession means I need all the money I can get. I just have to keep on juggling.

My hot tips are:
  • Run a diary;
  • Prioritise, sometimes its ok that the stuff like the ironing doesn’t get done for awhile;
  • Take shortcuts. Coles Online is a lifesaver for home delivery for groceries and so is Uber Eats for when you can’t be bothered to cook;
  • Enjoy the ride, you love it really.

Ironing becomes less of a priority

Look, life is great. The days are long and my coffee consumption might be a bit high but life is superb.  Besides, society isn’t going to be more inclusive if individuals don’t get involved.

Plus, a life well lived doesn’t come cheap nor do the good things come on a plate. There is something deeply satisfying about achieving something through your own blood, sweat and tears.

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