Friday, November 24, 2017

What is it with Bali anyway?

To be honest, I had never been to Bali until this week. With so many Australians it seemed so familiar and I always wanted to go somewhere new and different.

But 2017 has been busy with work, uni and sitting on boards so when Air Asia had a sale I found myself booking a ticket to Bali for a few days of rest and relaxation.

While I love adventure, I am also really tired after working a crazy schedule.

Everyone said Seminyak was amazing and it was. Just a place to sleep in, relax and indulge a little.


But what struck me was how Australian it was and how much it was geared to the Australian market. From the caf├ęs that were almost identical the ones found at home to some locals putting on aussie accents to make us want to buy more stuff or to jump in their cab.

It just made me wonder what the point of visiting Bali if it is so similar to home. Being an adventurous sort, I kinda like going somewhere totally different and out of the ordinary. That is where I get my energy from, not to mention my joy and something that calms my restless spirit.

Would I go again?

Maybe, if I needed to recharge my batteries and relax but adventure will always take priority. It always does.

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