Sunday, July 22, 2012

The serenity of being the queen of my own bachelorette pad

Everyone needs a sanctuary. Some find it within their work, some find it with organised religion, and others find it in sport, music or nature. But I have found it within my cute little apartment with a view.

Here, I am the Queen Bee and totally happy.

Having survived some horror shared houses, my dream opportunity arrived where could live alone in my own place.

What I love about living alone is the peace and quiet. With work being a very noisy and full-on experience, it is so nice to come at the end to a tranquil piece of real estate which is my sanctuary.

In this sanctuary, there are no patients wanting anything, no nurses giving marching orders – just me, myself and I. I don’t have to come home pretending to love my job. I just have a cup of tea, regroup and take control of the time outside of work that is really my own.

 Often this means singing to my heart’s content without worrying about what people think and enjoying some random music without having to justify my choices.

As opposed to sharing with others, it is also nice to be able to potter around without feeling like you’re not intruding on the space of those whose house you’re living in. I can cook food without feeling I’m upsetting someone's delicate equilibrium or have to put up with psycho, eco-criminal landlords who just want the rent money but can’t stand anyone living in their house.   

But then again, the process of living alone can be seen as a rite of passage and a sign of having the financial security to afford your own place. No longer being a student or being in casual and insecure employment, I am now in control enough to be entrusted with a rent and bills; not to mention, my piece of paradise.      

So far there have been many wonderful Sunday afternoons reading a good book in the sun as well as a steady stream of friends around for dinner and cups of tea.   

Another thing I really enjoyed is what my Mum calls “nesting”. It has been great fun choosing things for the wall and making the apartment your own.  Deciding on photos and art work has been great fun and my little space seems to be a work in progress.

A bit of light reading from Noveltea Vintage

I can be at peace, let my guard down, read and think. Just me, myself and I. And Chloe.

Chloe is a new addition to the cute apartment with a view. While I grew up with her being in my parents’ bedroom when we lived in England, we have been separated since we came out to Australia.

It now that I discovered that she has a long, dark and mysterious past. My Dad picked her up when he was a student at Cambridge from a friend who had saved her from an old manor house that was being demolished. If only she could talk because I think she would have a few stories to tell.        

A common question is “are you lonely?” and the answer is no, not at all. It is not like I don’t have a life, friends or never go out. But because life can get so busy coming home to the peace and quiet is makes living alone so great.

While life is far from straightforward, the serenity of the bachelorette pad is what gets me through.  

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  1. Love your vision of serenity. Feels like a warm Sunday afternoon.


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