Friday, September 7, 2012

Should your barista be scared?

Over time, there have been inventions that have led some to argue that these new devices will change the way we have consumed things like movies, music and food.

For example videos were touted by some as the end of the cinema and cassette tapes (later CDs) were said to signal the end of people seeing live music. Even the microwave was promoted as the oven’s replacement.

Although as time has gone on we have seen that while all these items have not replaced the movie cinema, the live performance venue or the conventional oven but merely complimented the way we view films, listen to music and how we cook our meals.

What has this got to do with coffee?

With the rise of the home espresso machine see the end of the cafe and the barista who is skilled at pulling the perfect espresso shot that so many of us enjoy every day?

No, I don’t think so!!! Like everything else, our love of cafes will not stop because of the improvements in domestic coffee machines.
Having recently been given a wonderful Lavazza Modo Mido I have been thinking a little about how this lovely gift could affect my coffee consumption.

But I will always have a soft spot for my Bodum French Press as it has served me well over the years not to mention that it is easy enough to use at 5 am.  

However, I love my new Coffee machine with its retro style and lime green exterior. It also gives a great little espresso thanks to the easy to use pods. This swanky Lavazza (favourite coffee) machine and its little pods are actually not too bad and better than others on the market.

These pods are the new kids on the block; it is espresso coffee made easy.

This pod idea was made famous by George Cloony and the Nespresso Machine.  However, I fail to understand why people seem so excited by this product especially when it is average at best.

In Perth, a bag of Nespresso pods has become the “must have” accessory item. But for all the hard core coffee fans there is nothing that will get the eyes rolling more than a West Australian carrying a bag of Nespresso Pods like they are the epitome of coolness.       

Some might consider it cheating (in many ways it is) and for this reason that all the true baristas shouldn’t not be scared because while these pod things produce a visually great coffee nothing can replicate human skill.

While it is great that good coffee has been more accessible to domestic coffee drinkers, I don’t think drinking coffee at a cafe with your mates and dates will stop being popular.  

It's ok Mr Barista, we still love your work 

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