Monday, October 28, 2013

Lunch down lemon lane

Perth over the last couple of months has been wet, windy and overcast but over the last couple of days the weather has improved to perfection.

With it there being not a cloud in the sky and temperature at a warm 30 degrees, I decided to enjoy the outdoors and do lunch somewhere.

Luckily Claremont is great on a beautiful day so after walking around for a little while I decided to visit Lemon Lane.  

This light and breezy café is down a laneway off the main Claremont drag and has space both indoors and outdoors where you can sit and watch the world go past.

After grabbing a few magazines and a short mac, I chose a Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Crostini with Avocado, Brie and dripped with lemon oil. The presentation was lovely and none of the various elements were too overpowering.

While the bread is supposed to be toasted, here it was a little too toasted. But that is no matter because as a whole it was wonderful.

The Coffee wasn’t bad and the service was good. It was a lovely moment in a beautiful day.

The only problem with Lemon Lane is that it shuts so early (1pm) on a Sunday which is hardly conducive to a long and leisurely brunch.

But opening hours is a city wide problem and I am really looking forward to when you can get a good coffee in Perth after 4 pm on weekdays and good places like Lemon Lane extend their opening hours on weekends. It is all about the money, I guess.

So if you want to go somewhere that is nice in Claremont that isn’t too pretentious but still really good, give Lemon Lane a try.   

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