Sunday, November 17, 2013

The weekend, it is where the fun starts

For most people, the weekend is the flipside to having to working to bring in the bacon and I am no different. The past couple of weekends have been amazingly cool and a complete adventure.

I’ve always had a mild obsession with the weekends; an obsession spawned by having to work full time.

A few weeks ago, after a difficult day at work and while I sat in my parents’ living room having a cup of tea I challenged myself to fill the next couple weekends with fun and adventure.

There have been a book launch and drinks with mates as well as whale watching and skydiving. Not to mention, a choir concert and moving into my own home.

Let me tell you about them.

The first weekend of this challenge started off by coffee at Love Thy Neighbour Café in Northbridge which is this cute little place in an arcade off William Street. Their Short Mac and Banana Bread set my little sister and me up for some whale watching.

After traipsing up from the city to Hillarys Boat Harbour (a place I wouldn’t recommend anyone visit unless they wanted to know what boredom felt like) we hopped on this boat and proceeded to chase whales for about two hours.

When I first had the idea of whale watching, I had images of them putting on a show and leaping out the water and leaving us breathless with their majesty and size. But no!

Of course we had to spend a little time getting to where it was deep enough for them to swim but what ended up happening was that the closer we got the further away they seemed to be. We saw a pod of dolphins swim past which was quite cool but we wanted to see the big whales work their magic.

The next day saw drinks at Bar Five and a Tim Winton book launch, which topped off a really nice weekend.

Another weekend I got to go Skydiving which was totally cool. I originally was going to go several weeks ago after sandwiched in between a choir rehearsal and dinner with a friend but it got cancelled because of the wind.

But luckily the weather was perfect and a balmy 32 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. The 60 seconds of free fall was the biggest adrenalin kick that I’ve ever had in my whole and entire life. Once the parachute was open, it was amazing to see the city that I live in from another prospective.         

Sky diving - a once in a life time experience

The rest of that weekend was spent setting my new flat and making it my own.

With a mortgage, the theory goes that weekends will be a lot less exciting due to budgetary restraints but we shall see.

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