Saturday, December 7, 2013

High Five

Five Bar in Mount Lawley is relatively new and but is already a favourite with those who enjoy Beaufort Street vibe and ambiance. I really enjoy this part of Perth, with its proximity to the CBD and the verity of places to grab a bite to eat or to enjoy a cheeky mid week glass with friends without having to go into seedier parts of the city. 

I’ve visited a few bars recently and there is one bar that deserves a High Five, just based on its décor, service and food.

Both times I’ve been there; the staff have been great in providing recommendations depending on what we felt like and the food always came out quickly.    

Having done a bit of research I already knew that their chips are to die for and I can guarantee that they were amazing. They were fresh as well as full of flavour and so much better than others that I’ve had in the past.

Their Barman’s platter was also great and a good accompaniment to a glass of wine as well as perfect to share among two or more not-so-hungry people.     

But what I loved the most was that it had such nice atmosphere to it without it feeling boring, old or daggy. With plenty of natural light and the space to have several seating arraignments, you could choose where you wanted to sit depending on how many of you there were and if you wanted to sit at a table or in a comfortable couch.  While we were there, there were several people working way on laptops and several more taking part in uni group projects. There was even a knitting group that were enjoying a drink while making progress on their knitted garments.

While I waited for my friend I really enjoyed checking out the many photos that adorned the walls and didn’t at all feel self-conscious waiting alone.

Five Bar completely deserves a high five as they have created a venue that has great décor, good food and service. It is light, relaxing and the perfect backdrop to a great evening with friends.

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