Saturday, December 7, 2013

The freedom to put nails in the wall

When I first brought my apartment, one of the first things that everyone said that I now was allowed to put nails in the wall.

After spending several years renting and sharing it will be the first time that I have the freedom to put things up on the wall without having to ask anyone’s permission or worry about managing a difficult landlady.

The idea of becoming a home owner was a little scary at first, I wasn’t really sure that I was ready for the financial commitment or that I was able to give up (rather postpone) any epic overseas adventures but it is for the best. I can’t imagine being 65 and still having to rent or share.  I am determined to make it work, even if it means getting two jobs.

They say that you fall in love with your house almost instantly and I could see myself living there within a few seconds.

Not only was it a couple of hundred meters from where I was renting but I loved the pine floorboards that would be perfect for my Persian Carpets and the white walls were perfect for hanging my favourite photos and prints.

Better still, the kitchen was perfect and the bathroom needed no renovation.

Sure it wasn’t perfect. It did come with furnishing that weren't really my thing but making the apartment my own was part of the fun.

So far, my love for my place has grown, especially since it is now all organised and all the boxes are safely in the recycling. I love having my own space, being so close to the city (no city views this time around but that doesn’t matter) I look forward to create new memories in my little apartment and can’t wait to spend many happy hours here with family and friends.  

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