Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fremantle’s most famous café, all icon but not so good on quality

Recently on one sunny Saturday, a friend and I visited Fremantle to for breakfast and since we were in the mood for people watching we chose Fremantle’s most iconic café Gino’s or more formally Gino’s Café and Tattoria.

Firstly, this is what I love about Gino’s – I love its familiarity, I love the location and its charm.

But what I didn’t like so much during my last visit was that the coffee was nothing special and the food was disappointing.

With Gino’s being such an iconic Fremantle café I would have thought that the coffee would have been visually perfect while full of flavour, but it can be only can be described as not bad.

The food wasn’t what I had hoped for either. I ordered a fruit salad with Greek yogurt but the kitchen staff hadn’t had time to take the green leaves off the strawberries and the yoghurt was a little sour. Since the strawberries and plums were not super ripe there was nothing but a few dates to make the overall dish sweeter. A drizzle of honey or vanilla yoghurt would have been a good choice to counteract the sourness of the fruit.

Besides, if you're going to pay for something you want to get something that has had a bit of preparation and effort put into it. I got the feeling that I could have put this dish together in half the time at the fraction of the cost and I'm not even a good cook.       


While I liked the handful of dried fruit (the dish could have done with a few more plus a few dried apricots maybe) that was thrown in but between the strawberries still with their stems on and the sour plums/yogurt it wasn’t really a breakfast that I enjoyed that much.

This café has so much potential but I don’t understand why the coffee isn’t better and the food is so slapdash. I want to love this place, I want it to be perfect and I want it to be something I can write home about. I hope that it manages to makes some changes to live up to its iconic fame.  

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