Friday, June 20, 2014

Good bye Turkey, Hello Egypt

Our holiday in Turkey was amazing; we had such a good time.

We will never forget all the historical buildings we saw but I will definitely be back to discover more of this great city that sits in between East and West.

It was everything that a holiday should be; relaxing, full of sights, sounds and smells, full of amazing food and a bit of adventure thrown in.

We also loved the many characters and people that we met on the way who had their own unique story and who made the holiday so cool.

Not that we would want it any other way but our trip from Ephesus to Cairo was quite an adventure.   

Having got from Izmir airport to Selcuk by expensive but super fast Taxi (sometimes going up to 140 km per hour) we were keen to take something a little cheaper to fly to Istanbul so we get our connecting flight to Cairo.

So we decided to take the train from Selcuk to Izmir airport and it was super cheap but only went a few times a day.

But when it came we found the train to be already full and knowing that if we waited for the next one we would miss our flight so we (plus our luggage) our British sensibilities of personal space and politeness pushed our way in. We spent the next hour and half like sardines along with the locals.

Luckily we got there on time and spent our last remaining Turkish money at Starbucks of all things and praying that our trip to Egypt would be plain sailing.

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