Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gesha Coffee’s a new kid on the corner

I love trying new cafés, especially if I have been a bit of anticipation.

I’ve gone past Gesha on the bus for a few months and I couldn’t wait to try it as that side Freo is a bit low on cool places to eat and caffeinate.

While the view isn’t the prettiest but the parking out the front is a bonus.

Gesha’s décor is cool and the easy chairs were conducive to a nice catch-up with friends.

The menu was quirky and I thought the Pulled Beef Brioche was great. The size was perfect (I ate it with my tiny hands, no problems) and the beef worked well with the chutney as well as good value.

The hand cut royal blue fries were perfection and the highlight of my visit.

Gesha’s coffee wasn’t bad and they sell it by the bag for those of us who want to buy beans from our local café.

Gesha Coffee Co on Urbanspoon


  1. I love trying new cafés as well. I like the way this one looks.
    PS: I sent you a friend request on Goodreads. :)

  2. I love cafes too. That sandwich is making me hungry!


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