Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Can you imagine a world without writers?

This was a question that was asked during the launch of the 2016 Perth Writers’ Festival. Personally, without the books they create my life would be a dull shade of grey and would be completely void of any colour.

On this balmy Perth evening we were reminded of why writers’ festivals are such satisfying experiences. They are a celebration of great minds and that they encourage us to be engaged and actively curious.

Judging by this year’s programme, I am sure this PWF 2016 will be all this and more.

The writers that I am really looking forward to hearing are Simon Sebag Montefiore, Masha Gessen, Lindsey Tanner and George Megalogenis.

This year PIAF have chosen the theme of empathy to be the narrative of PWF 2016 and there will be many discussions, movies and exhibitions on the subject.

As with most communities, food is a massive part of what makes us human and will also be a central theme of this year’s festival. It is no doubly a great part of being empathic as it seems to satisfies people’s most human need.  

I am sure I’ll have my mind blown and my book collection will increase a little but that adds colour to life and makes it worth living.

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