Sunday, January 24, 2016

What we ate!!

My Dad and I have just returned from a holiday in Malaysia and since the food is amazing as well as plays a large part of the consciousness of Malaysians, it is worth a blog post on the subject.

Since we love food we wanted to eat like a local and at a local price. Below are some of the amazing dishes that we tried often perched on plastic chairs at some street side eatery where we were the only foreigners. It was amazing!

We also had good drinks as well. Not only was there cheap beer but there was also Starbuck which I had an unnatural and strange obsession with. 

We were also lucky in finding a Swiss run bar as well as an Aussie run cafe in Penang both added good memories to our trip.

Wheeler's Cafe is down Love Lane and could easily be a cafe in any of Australian capital cities. The decor is clean, fresh and, more importantly, it is air conditioned.

The coffee is great and the cake was lovely. Wheeler's is somewhere I will return to on my next visit.     



  1. Hi :) I have never been to Malaysa but maybe will go there next year! The food looks really delicious!
    Have a nice day, Leni :)


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