Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It is all about the bean

When it comes to coffee, the coffee bean is pretty essential to making a fantastic cup of the blessed liquid.

Since it can get a little expensive to buy coffee from a café all the time I have recently been trying a few different types of beans at home.

As there has been an increase in diversity and standard of the beans that cafés offer for sale means that I haven’t been disappointed.

My recent finds have been fantastic and I just wanted to share them with you.

Juan Carlos from Dukes Coffee Roasters. I enjoyed these beans using my French Press. I enjoyed the rich aroma which seemed to linger for ages in my nose.  This Peruvian coffee is chocolaty and complex while a perfect addition to a caramel slice or a brownie. I brought my bag of beans at Felix and Co in Nedlands but Dukes Coffee Roasters are based at The Small Print in Perth or at various locations in Melbourne.

Speaking of Felix and Co, I love what I think is their house blend. It is floral and fresh while not being too acidic.

Batch 20 from 16 Ounces. This is my standard bean that gets me going first thing in the morning. It is rich while being smooth and gentle. There are no surprises here, just good coffee (from my favourite local café) that helps me start my day.  

Los Vascos from Mano a Mano. This bag of beans is ethically sourced from Colombia. I’ve just opened this bag of beans and first impressions are that it is a lot silkier than the other coffees as well as a little sweeter. I know that it is going to kick start many good days and even better study sessions.

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