Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I walked during Milan Fashion Week.

Nah yeah but not in the way you're thinking! I didn't open for Prada or LV in the 2016 Milan Fashion Week. But my only claim to fame was that was in Milan during this holy grail of fashion and I walked. I walked until my whole entire body hurt.

I saw the sights, I got lost and I walked from one cafe to another enjoying the lovely Italian espresso.

 It great to people watch and to play 'spot the model' and to imagine if they had just stepped off the cat-walk, if they were going to a casting or if they were going to be the next big thing.

But it will be the architecture that I'll always remember about Milan. With the spectacular workmanship, the Duomo was amazing. While a few decades ago it was covered in black soot, it had had some work done and was looking very sparkling!

It was the Milan icon that I saw on the first morning of my arrival and I walked around admiring the design but was a bit put off the massive line to buy the ticket which proceeded the joining of another line to get in. The British are not the only ones with obsessions with queues, trust me.

But luckily, I was able to get a ticket without queuing after stumbling on the exhibition off to the side of the piazza. This exhibition was really well designed and showed some of the objects associated with the Duomo. Because I had already got my ticket to the church I didn't quickly got through the queue and entered the breathtaking house of the good lord. Even if I didn't really get on well with the object of the building's praise, it was nice to admire the sculpture and stain glass windows.

The most memorable part of the visit was the opportunity to climb up on the roof. Luckily, they had a lift that you could use if, like me, your feet hurt. It was super amazing to admire the rooftop close up as well as the view.

It was complete happiness at that point. with the perfect weather and surrounded by beautiful architecture (not to mention beautiful people) and a super good lunch, life couldn't get better.

Another great Milan icon was the Castello Sforzesco which houses several ancient artifacts and works of art. Unfortunately, the Egyptian section was closed but the musical instruments one was open which was great. I also got to visit the Civica Galleria d'Arte Moderna which a great escape from the heat of the midday sun. 

Then there were the churches. Not that I am a believing girl but I couldn't be helped but to be impressed by these buildings. 

The only disappointment was to miss out on seeing da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' as you can't just rock up, buy a ticket and take a look but you have to plan ahead and pre-book. With life being super busy prior to going on holiday and the turmoil that goes with getting away, I didn't, I forgot. That's all I can say!

The food.... What can you say about the food! From my very first breakfast in Milan I knew I would have to suspend my strict diet for the holiday and just sit back and enjoy eating and drinking without guilt. And besides, I wasn’t really there to open for Prada so didn't need to deny myself the simple pleasures.

Anyway, walking in Milan was amazing and a complete joy even if I wasn't in some outfit made by Prada. The Architecture was as beautiful as Gemma Ward wearing Prada and even if fashion is not your thing, you'll fall in love with Milan.

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