Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A menu with zero food miles in the Mother Country

My Mother country has a reputation; a very green and clean reputation. When people think of Switzerland, people usually think of Cows on the sides of mountains as well as chocolate and cheese. 

I’m luckily enough to have rellies that are based in a tiny village way up high on the side of a mountain in the Val de Ruz. In many ways it is paradise and so when we weren’t enjoying the spectacular views and fresh air, we were eating.


This included a huge mushroom that weighed a grand total of 3.2 kg (no joke) that we found in the middle of a field soon got turned into something.  The menu wasn’t really gourmet as such but it was really rustic and charming. It was perfect accompaniment to life in the mother country. 

It was a fantastic two weeks of enjoying great tasting food and a great opportunity to chill out and recharge the batteries. It was also great to spend time with family because after all, that was the reason why I went over. I couldn’t really afford it but sometimes family has to take priority.

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