Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Going back to where I came from

A long time ago I lived in the UK. It was my country, it was my home. 

Come back to visit made me so happy but also a little sad. Everything looked so familiar but different. I was different.

I've always loved London, we used to go there as kids to museums, galleries and just to explore a little. This was my plan when I decided to visit the UK during this trip. 

But I also wanted to visit all the people I knew when I was living in England. So I hit the ground running, as I got off the Eurostar from Paris I got to meet an old friend from way, way back before checking into my hotel.

The next few days I got to spend at some great museums such as the Victoria and Albert, The British Museum and National Gallery which were all fantastic. But by the end of my stay in London, I came down with a slight case of tourism fatigue. Not because I wasn't loving my holiday or I didn't appreciate the opportunity to travel but life on the road was wearing me down that tiny little bit and my brain was bursting at the seams with memories, stories and images of the fantastic place that they call Europe. Packing it all in seems like a great idea in the planning stage but sometimes the energy levels don't always keep up on execution of that plan. 

But luckily, the last few days of my trip were dedicated to seeing people and I just got to chill. People that I lived with when I was 21 to people who have known me for longer that I can remember and people that I meet in other far-flung places such as India and Malaysia.

This month's holiday has been amazing. I've eaten too much and sometimes drunk a little more than I would in everyday life but the it has been just incredible. The art galleries, museums and architecture has been just mind-blowing and has left a massive imprint on my brain and just made me just so unbelievably happy.  The nature and the views in Switzerland were also just so beautiful and so was the opportunity to hang with mum and dad plus their extended family. All of this just made me happy to be alive.

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