Friday, August 19, 2016

Meatball in Mt Lawley has the ball their court

When my friend wanted to visited this restaurant in this place for heir birthday do, I thought it go either way. Either the food would be really dodgy or amazing but luckly it was fantastic.

So, lets get the ball rolling!

While we enjoyed a glass of wine we decided which meat balls to ordered.

We decided on the Red Thai Beef Balls, Harissa Lamb Balls and the Ball bags with the Spicy Pork. I’m telling you, it was Devine and totally amazing. The flavours were perfectly balanced and just amazing.

Originally we thought is wasn’t going to be enough but in the end it was plenty for three people. We loved the bread and the fries as the perfect addition to the meatballs.

We loved our meal here and we had a ball. While it was a little noisy, we still had a good night celebrating our friend’s birthday.

Our desserts were decdant and ossed with calories but it doesn't matter when it tastes good.

The staff were friendly and efficient. We’ll be back.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Please to meet you

It seems that Friday has become noodles night. When my friend and I go out for a bowl of noodles, whether it be Vietnamese, Singapore or Japanese – where there having the time of our lives.

I’d always wanted to visit this Pleased to Meet You and luckily they had Ramen so since we felt like a big bowl of steaming noodles, that’s where we headed.

If you haven’t been to this joint, just imagine long rows of tables where your posse of friends sit either side of them. The atmosphere ends up being warm, cosy and intimate.  

After waiting for a few minutes, we were shown to small gap along one of these tables.     

Since it was the middle of winter, I was so glad to see that they had mulled cider. It was so nice to wrap my hands around the warm glass of this spicy liquid.

Quickly our Raman came out looking perfectly made. I loved how there were so many different flavours to this dish and that each ingredient seems to pop out as you ate.

My friend and I chatted while we ate and, in that moment, everything was 100% perfect.

Pleased To Meet You Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 
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