Monday, February 6, 2017

Nutribullet blasts 2017 health kick

For most people, the start of the new year is a time that intentions for are set.

For me, in 2017 I wanted to become healthier, fitter and thinner. I wanted to have more energy to do more and achieve more while having the enthusiasm to have an active social life.

I’ve been doing the 5:2 diet but the 500 calorie limit for the two days was unsustainable in a physically demanding job where I couldn’t be less than in top form.

So I went out and bought a Nutribullet.

With a full-time job, part-time study and volunteering making my days long, I thought it would be a great way of increasing the number of vegetables in my diet in a way that was easy and straight forward. I wanted to be less tempted to buy carb based food that was cheap and easy to consume on the run. For ecological and environmental reasons I also wanted to eat less meat.

So far I haven’t been disappointed.

It has been fun to experiment with various combinations of fruit and veg. Sometimes it was hit and miss in seeing which combos lasted the distance to lunchtime. I found that a blueberry and apple blast turned into a drab gray colour by 1300 while an apple and banana combo (with a scoop of yogurt and protein powder) hit the spot after a busy morning on the job.      

The only problem I've had with it was having the strength in my hands to tighten the blade to the containers so it wouldn't leak in the blasting process. 

I’ve been using the Nutribullet for a few weeks now and I’ve lost a bit of weight, my skin looks better and I have more energy.  

My tips are: 
  •        Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combos
  •       Be mindful of the amount of fruit that you put in your blasts, while the sugar in fruit is natural, it is still sugar
  •         Rotate your boosts (Flax and Chia seeds as well as Cacao powder and nuts)
  •         Enjoy!!

I look forward to 2017 being fulfilling, fabulous and the year that I get super healthy.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Eating pasta like a diva

Saying goodbye is hard especially if the person is one of your favourite people. Likely we got to squeeze in a bit of pasta and plenty of animated conversations at Sopranos in South Perth.

We enjoyed a Lasagne and Penne Arrabbiate with an affagatto and Bouchee for a dessert.

The food was great and the dishes were generous while the staff are friendly.

The send off was fitting but I’ll miss one of my posse but she’ll be back for more food and catch ups so maybe we’ll have to come back to Sopranos for the second act.

Soprano's Pizzeria Ristorante Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Summer breakfast in the city

Housed in a building that used to be the WA State Treasury and was left derelict for much of the 1990s and 2000s but now The Petition is now part of a Perth icon that we can be proud of.

The décor is slick but not cold or ostentatious. It is fitting for a restaurant of The Petition’s calibre. The other good thing that it was quiet and not as packed as other cafés.

The breakfast menu is not extensive but sophisticated enough that it won’t leave you disappointed.

I love a good omelette especially as I can get a little creative with this breakfast staple and so I wanted to see what The Petition’s chefs came up with. 

The pea salad and feta were fresh and were a perfect addition to the menu. The dish’s lightness was welcome on this hot summer’s morning.   

The pea salad and feta were fresh and were a perfect addition to the menu. The dish’s lightness was welcome on this hot summer’s morning.   

My sister picked the mushrooms with greens and ricotta on toast which she loved. The Staff were very much obliging with her slightly random coffee request (half chai, half mocha) and she loved it. My Long Mac (trad) was also very good.

The other perfect addition (apart from our coffees) to our breakfasts were our bloody Mary and espresso martini which went surprisingly well with our chosen breakfast.      

All in all, The Petition is a fantastic addition to the Perth food scene and a good place to enjoy a meal when you’re in the city.

Petition Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Friday, December 16, 2016

We have Bread in Common

Like most fans of good quality bread, I love going to cafés that makes their own and especially if I can take a loaf home with me.

After a meeting in Fremantle, I thought I’d stop for lunch before the long ride home.   Since I heard about Bread in Common, I wanted to try it and take some bread home.   

On first impressions, it is a heritage listed building with one wall lined with bottles of wine and the other over looking the kitchen. While Bread in Common is a restaurant, you are also able to buy their bread, wine, coffee beans and jam to take home with you.


I loved the wide open space and the long tables. It is light, airy and just a great place to share a meal with friends.   It has a super relaxed vibe that makes eating here a joy.

I went for their Avocado with Peas, Mint and Rocket on Sough dough. The mint made fresh and just perfect on a warm Fremantle day. It went went with my coffees which were also spot on.  

Look, this place is great. Their coffee was great, the food was good and their bread was amazing. Bread In Common is just a really nice place to enjoy a meal.  It is the kind of café that Fremantle is famous for and the long lunches Perth Summers are famous for.

Bread In Common Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 
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