Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is Perth nightlife getting that little bit swanky?

I must admit that I always struggled to understand why people could ever put “fabulous” and “day out in Perth” together in the same sentence. Maybe because I have been comparing it with our cooler eastern states cousins and overseas relatives who seem to have it all.

Perth is generally known for its effervescent culture that seems more plastic than real but I recently asked myself if the night life in Perth is changing slowly and getting that little bit swanky.

One example is Helvetica (down Howard Lane) which is a Melbourne import and hidden down a laneway. I not only love it because it shares it's name with the mother country but also because of its small intimate feel that doesn't make you feel as if you've just descend into the gutter.

Balthazar (6 The Esplanade) is around the corner looks like something out of SATC and where you expect Sam, Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie to walk in at any moment. It is well worth the visit if you want amazing dishes (with an award winning wine list to boot) and great service.

Going up the Terrace and towards Parliament House, Bar One is a good one for cocktails but nearby Box Deli is even better.

Box Deli, with its cool funky vibe, can only be described as a gift to us from NYC. It does every cocktail as well as Tapas and would be a great place to hold a function or a birthday party that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about in the future.

Of course, Must Wine Bar in Mt Lawley is a must visit and well worth it.

Perth is getting a little bit swankier and especially with inspiration from Melbourne and New York (sigh) City but it does have a little bit to go.

So enjoy the cocktails and live in hope that one day Perth could be as funky and fabulous as any of the great cities on the face of the planet.

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