Saturday, April 14, 2007

Living the dream in Sydney

Having passed the 6 week mark, my new life in Sydney is looking rather good. I’ve found accommodation at a ridiculously cheap price (for Sydney) and met some cool people who have made my first weeks in Sydney “so interesting” as well as helped me to survived the union movement. My adventure has begun with opportunities to explore this new city and enjoying the atmosphere and living the big-city-life that I’ve always dreamt about.

My first weekend began by a terrified 20 min of wondering around Redfern in the dark and yes, I thought I was going to be murdered about 5 times. I made it to our rendezvous and we soon moved on to Len Franches, an over hyped/overpriced “Performance Space”.

Every weekend since then has been spent visiting swanky bars in the city, seeing movies in Newtown and live music (The Vanguard and The Basement), cafĂ© hopping, stopping at markets and loitering in art galleries. Recently saw a photographic exhibition of Cragie Horsefield’s work at the Museum of Contemporary Art and with his emotive photos that deal with the idea of art in modern life I soon enrolled in an art course.

My office being in the centre of China Town makes going to work an interesting experience. Shops with 50 kinds of Spinish, supermarkets with isles dedicated to Asian food and banks with all-Asian crew adds a unique flavor to this already cosmopolitan city. Having lunch out is almost irresistible with a Pho (Vietnamese soup) shop on every corner and sushi outlets at regular intervals

After 4 weeks in a youth hostel, I’ve finally found a place to live in Marrickville. A little granny flat sneezed in a between a Vietnamese Catholic church a Buddhist temple and a Greek Orthodox Worship Venue. It’s not very big but it’s all I need.

Life continues with work and the usual nights spent babysitting the nieces and nephew with their bath and story routine.
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