Monday, September 19, 2011

Nursing Assistant swaps the province of Perth for the big smoke

When you are not really thrilled about the thought about having to work a dead-end job (because it really is better than welfare, trust me) to pay the bills, you really do get excited about going on holidays. Plus, leaving Perth is always guaranteed to get the heart racing

Luckily, I managed to combine this city break with going to uni (because “I had to go”) and a couple of days of hanging out in the city that they call the cultural capital of Australia with a good friend.

Of course, there are only a few things that are mandatory when visiting this great city. Apart from shopping which I don’t particularly have the patience or the cash for (it is a dead end job thing) but eating, bar and cafĂ© hopping, art and Australian Rules Football are all required activities.

After a long but totally cool day at university, H and I made our way down to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) to watch the Sydney Swans play the Hawks. Don’t ask me where they were from but they were the ones in brown and the ones that ended up winning. Since I had never watched a game of AFL before (I don’t care if that makes me “unAustralian” as that is so cool with me) it was cool to watch a game in person and especially at the “G”.

The following few days were a blur of eating and drinking many weird but wonderful beverages. The coffee was simply to die for.

All this was punctuated by visits to the art gallery to see some Viennese Art and Design as well as “King Tut” at the Museum and catching up with mates.

Thanks to all that made the trip so special.

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