Sunday, October 16, 2016

Paris, je t'aime

When I was 18 I had a serious crush. I had somehow fallen in love with Paris even though I had never been there. The cafes that lined the grand Boulevards, the beautiful people and the art seemed to be incredibly romantic. My dream was to work in some art gallery on the left bank and live the whole stereotypical lifestyle: a size zero and dressed in black, sipping espresso while hanging off some hot guy, etc.

Well, that never happened!

But this week was the closest that I got to the dream. I was able to spend a blissful few days in the Paris of my dreams. A cool apartment in St Germain Des Pres was my home (which his also happened to be also Art Gallery) and I got to run around the city as if it was my own.

For 4 days, I visited the city's most amazing art collections, drank coffee and wine like a local. I walked and I walked soaking everything up while feeling extremely happy and blessed.

The Pompidou Centre was quirky and cool while the Palace of Tokyo was down right strange. The space was empty expect from people. As we walked the empty, people would walk alongside you while having random conversations. It was a little strange. The Louvre was amazing, the art is beyond beautiful and just so captivating. I could have spent days there just wondering around and taking it all in.

All too soon it was time to move on. I really do love Paris as it has the complete package - it is beautiful, smart, quirky and intelligent and very arty. Plus, the cafes and the art are fantastic! While I might not be lucky enough to live in Paris, I love spending a few days there and it will always be there for a perfect holiday but in between I'll have many great memories.

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