Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Japanese perfection

I have walked past Edosei several times and since it is relatively new, I knew I had to try it sooner rather than later.

Traditionally, I always get some Sushi if I am in a rush somewhere but recently I fell in love with Bento Boxes which made me want to explore Japanese cuisine outside the realm of the Sushi Rolls.

I am so glad that I visited Edosei as my lunch there was so perfect in so many ways.

I choose the Lunch Box Course which included 3 courses. The First Box included an appetizer and Sashimi. I loved the various slices of fresh fish (Tuna and King Fish) and Spiced Chicken.

Next was the Main Course that was divided into five parts that included Sashimi, Tempura vegetables, grilled meat and fish as well as seared Sushi. I loved how some of the dishes had a garnish on to (lemongrass and ginger) which gave a perfect pop of flavour.

The final part of the lunch was Sticky Rice Ice Cream which was a perfect end to the meal. My lunch at Edosei was so beautifully presented and was a joy to eat. Not only is the food beautiful in every way, the restaurant is well designed and a wonderful place to enjoy a meal.  

The staff were wonderful and I would recommend Edosei to anyone who appreciate beautiful Japanese food.

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  1. Love a good bento box! Though I can't remember the last time I had one.. might need to get on that :)


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