Friday, April 24, 2015

Not your usual Indian

The first thing that I think of Indian food is big generous portions of spicy curries and dhal with sides of rice and naan – all to be shared of course.

But while Sauma does do all of the usual Indian food, they take it another level.

We tried dishes from their ‘Smaller’ menu but in reality they seemed perfect in size plus they were beautifully presented. They were full of the spices commonly used in Indian cooking but they didn’t feel overly heavy and laden with oil.   

I arrived slightly early so while I waited I enjoyed a beer at the bar with a Waygu Beef Samousa. The Samousa was perfect and worked well with the beetroot sauce.

To sit at the bar was nice as it didn’t make waiting alone until my posse arrived too awkward. I loved their drinks menu and their collection of beer from all around the world; there is something to suit everyone’s taste and compliment every dish.  

I also loved the décor as it was trendy but not obnoxious and the long tables are conducive to sharing a meal with friends.

The staff are friendly and efficient. One of the first things she asked was if I was going to see a show at the nearby Perth Theatre Centre as this would influence what we ordered and when.  

The space that Sauma occupies was once a café with links to Perth’s criminal underworld but those days are long gone. Now Sauma is great addition to Perth’s foodie scene and I would recommend it to anyone to wants to try a different approach to Indian food.

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