Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Imp - the best café on the block

I have always loved this café as the coffee is always superb and it is always open when I need it.

The weather was beautiful this weekend and so my friend and I wanted to do brunch but with the whole Easter thing happening, a lot of places were closed.

Thank God, The Imp wasn’t!

Luckily we scored a table outside so we could people watch while we chatted and discuss the problems of the world, which we like to do when coffee (or wine) is involved.

My friend ordered French Toast which she loved. The serving was generous and the added bacon was a cool addition to the compote and maple syrup.

I had the Smoked Salmon and Sous-Vide egg on a house made English Muffin and I tell you, it was great. There was lots of salmon and the rocket salad was fresh. The muffin was perfect.

Our Coffees were perfect and my Long Mac (Trad) was super strong but full of flavour.

On other occasions I have tasted their cakes/desserts and think they are perfect which make them perfect for late night coffee and cake sessions after you’ve eaten at one of the many places nearby.   

But this is what makes The Imp so great as they open later than the typical Perth Café that shuts at 3 or 4pm. The décor is cool, the location is perfect and the staff seem ok.      

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  1. Great pictures! Kiss

  2. Ooooh delicious! I've heard many whispers that Perth is becoming quite a foodie hub!

    1. Yeah it is. It is changing so much and there are so many new places popping up all the time :)

  3. OH WHOA. I want that french toast!

    1. Doesn't it look amazing, I am so getting that next time.


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