Saturday, June 6, 2015

George Street’s little gem

I love finding new little cafés, especially if they are in walking distance to my house or work.

Today I visited George Street Café and Patisserie with my usual favourite coffee drinking posse and we were very impressed.
I didn’t know what to expect but on first impressions I thought it would be a quite ordinary café, serving ordinary contemporary Australian fare such as eggs hollandaise, etc but while they do offer the standard dishes, they also offer so much more.     

After agonising (first world problems) of what to order because we couldn’t decide what to eat because there were so many great dishes, Miss L ordered what ended up being a very decadent iced chocolate.

It was a coolish day so the French Onion soup appealed to me and it came out look like with a generous slice of bread and cheese.   Miss L ordered a smoked ham and cheese Jaffle and Miss L’s mum ordered a beautiful pork dish with bread on the side.

We couldn’t help but not go past the display of beautiful pastries so we brought a pretty raspberry and custard tart which we impressed by and would totally recommend.      

The coffee wasn’t bad and complimented our food well.

I loved the décor of George St as it is very provincial (in a good way) and homely with food to match.

I’ll defiantly coming back to this back to this café and so I guess I’ll see you there J


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