Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Loitering on the East Coast.

I don’t know why I went on holiday. I couldn’t afford it and I should have my money elsewhere but what started as a cheeky trip to the Sydney Writers’ Festival became a two-week holiday on the east coast of Australia.

This is what happens when you’re obsessed with travelling, you just have to go regardless of the consequences. 

The Itchy feet become too hard to handle.

But it's done now and as I sit in this cute café in Byron Bay killing time until I go to the airport, I look back on this week (has it been that long?) and process the memories of this trip.

It started in Melbourne which was cold, damp and a little dark. As it turned out, I didn’t end up doing much except eating, walking and eating more with friends. This is why you go to Melbourne right? The food and coffee were amazing.

But I couldn’t go to Melbourne without visiting the National Gallery of Victoria which had a Van Gogh exhibition on. While the NGV is my favourite gallery in Australia, I thought that they surpassed themselves with this exhibition. It was beautifully presented and had a wide range of Van Gogh’s work based around the Seasons.

A Walking Tour of Melbourne was especially interesting but spooky.  

Anyway, soon enough it was time to move up the east coast to Byron Bay. Despite rain being forecasted, it turned out to be warm and balmy with pure sunshine. It was so beautiful.

As a stepped off the bus, it was like being set into slow motion, especially after an espresso-fuelled couple of days in Melbourne. It defiantly seems like a holiday town here.

Everywhere you look there are gaggles of pretty young things in their bathers and hot guys swaggering around like royalty. The smell of weed is as common as the smell of sunscreen.   

I had to visit the Light House even though it was a bit of a track but the views were amazing.   

I also had to visit Nimbin, not because I wanted to smoke a joint (trust me, that didn’t happen) but just to see what it was like. I had been before but that was years ago.

Nimbin was smaller than how I had remembered it but it was as chilled. There is nothing much to do except smoke weed and eat lunch as a few average cafés. But the drive out there was super nice and just so lovely.

Now it is time to go to Sydney before getting back to reality. This break has been worth it and totally fun, even if not the right thing to do financially.

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