Sunday, May 28, 2017

Seeking a literary refuge!

There is something especially geeky about writers’ festivals. Days and days full of sessions with either a writer discussing their book or a panel of authors discussing a particular issue.

You come away feeling so inspired and all you want to do is to spend days and day just reading. Stuff everything else, stuff real life and adult responsibilities, I just want to read!

This year was no less perfect than every year before. The venue was perfect and so was the weather. The piers at Welsh Bay did seem a little crowed this year but that was just down to my perception.

My highlights were seeing prolific Feminist Author Roxanne Gay and hearing her talk on gender, politics, body image, race relations as well as David Marr and John Safran speak about the Politics of Fear.

Clementine Ford and Robert Jensen were part of a great session chaired by Catherine Fox on gender that covered everything from masculinity, male privilege, porn, men and feminism and women in public life, including the internet. In true style, when Clementine Ford’s baby work up from it’s nap she continued to breast feed it, etc. while carrying on talking without pause.


Another lovely session was a tribute to veteran broadcaster Mark Colvin whose life was cut way too short earlier this year. It interesting to hear about his early early life and work as a foreign correspondent.

There were many more sessions that I couldn’t get to but for those I’ll just have to be content to hear them in podcast mode.

I have to wait until next year, when the Sydney Writers’ Festival will again be my refuge and happy place.

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