Friday, October 30, 2009

At internship midway point, Intern describes experience as “best time ever”

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3. Being approx 6 weeks through her 3 months through her internship Aussie Intern Gabs seems to have pack in more than most during the last 6 weeks.

With a slight change of placement and with university over for the year, a window of opportunity presented itself for spontaneous trip to Hong Kong, Georgetown and Malacca.

“I just want to make the best of my time away from Perth and explore more exciting places before settling back into my internship programme” she says.

This week saw the start of a new internship placement at the Australian Education International which is located at the Australian High Commission. Her role is, among other things, to start a journey into the blogoshere and bring Australian education into this brave new world. “Its all very exciting and I love every minute”.

Of course being at the High Commission does equal to heavy socializing, but not that is ever a problem for Aussie Intern Gabs.

“Oh, it's great, seriously” she says heading out to another event. “last week there was a farewell do, networking drinks and a Murdoch Uni Alumni dinner. As for next week, who knows?” We know for one that there will be a race that stops the nation and we are sure it will stop the diplomatic lot too.

However, there have been a few challenges. “The mozzies were awful at first, it looked like I had chicken pox”, she says pointing to the scars. “Living in a backpacker for 3 weeks was another” but we are assured that things are almost sorted now. Being confined to solitry confinement for a month (which seemed like a life time) was also a challenge but things soon picked up when Aussie Intern Gabs came down from the jungle to the city. She was always a city girl ;)

We are also told that while this internship is part junket, "I am here to work” she says, chaining herself to her desk.

We have also noted that she always eats out and catches taxis everywhere. Who does she think she is??

“Well, with food costing what it does and KL transport being what it is, why would you do anything else?”

Aussie Intern Gabs is looking forward to the next 6 weeks and learning as much as possible about everything. All we can say is “back to work, Aussie Intern Gabs”.

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