Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday on my mind… where to go on a Friday night in Perth?

If you are anything like me all I want to do when Friday finally comes around to kick back and hang out with friends. Deciding where to go and what to see can be of a little challenge, so these are a few suggestions.

The Greenhouse bar on St George’s Tce provides a good place to meet fiends if you want something super central (with its agricultural exterior makes it hard to miss) and informal.

It's commitment to sustainability gives the place an unusual vibe (make sure you visit the toilet) and while they have a good selection of wines, beers and food, it is a bit expensive.

Across the road on the corner of 111 St George’s Tce is one of Perth’s newbies that seems to be always full but not so good if you don’t want to compete with the suits or have a conversation.

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If you haven't visited Wolfe Lane you must do so NOW......It is so cool that it is worth the walk. It is hard to find but it is awsome. Think Melbourne, New York, we're all good!!

Wolf Lane on Urbanspoon

After having a quick beer, it is time to move away from the river and towards Northbridge for dinner and a few more.

Moving right along past bogansville-by-another-name and over the train line, slow down when you get to the State Theatre Centre.

You can either stop off at Penang or move on elsewhere depending on your tolerance to uber cheap Malaysian food made in Australia….. it is just doesn’t taste the same.

The Bird is a relatively new music venue which seems to have been transported right out of New York or San Fran with its small bar plus a funky courtyard out the back. They really do have variety of acts because some are better than others but I guess that’s what makes it so cool. It is open from 12 noon till 2 am.

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Moving right along is Ezra Pound is another small bar (minus the music) that seems to have been a gift from our cooler eastern states cousins. Has a good selection of beers and great décor. You can also sit outside at tables and admire the graffiti art.

Ezra Pound on Urbanspoon

If you are feeling a little hungry, you can, at this point, enjoy a burger at Jus Burgers which a burger fast food chain that is cooler than maccers. Enjoy the funk!!

Crossing James St you are met with typical Northbridge fair with the Brass Monkey, Universal (which does music and $10 cocktails) and the Grapevine. They are average and often quite full and if mediocrity bothers you, you might like to go elsewhere.

If Jazz is your thing, grab a couple of mates and head down to the Ellington Jazz Club. The Ellington is a performance space (plus a great bar on the 2nd floor) that has a smoky “New York, New York” vibe, so grab a drink, kick back and enjoy the show.
Hope you had a good night.

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