Friday, November 11, 2011

Doing breakfast Australian style

One of the benefits of living in a country that is blessed with good weather is the many opportunities that we have to go out for breakfast. Doing breakkie is now a national tradition where on any fine Saturday or Sunday, you will find many cafés full of families and friends catching up and enjoying great food alongside amazing coffee.
From ‘doing breakkie’ by the beach or in the city, there is always a wide range of options to get you started for the day as well as snacks for while you catch up with friends. While there are some fail the mark, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that tempt your taste buds at an early hour.    

These are some of my favorites in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Any meal in Melbourne is a joy and but breakfast is especially wonderful. The choices are limitless and will have you jumping out of bed in anticipation. This is a city with many laneway where you could spend hours trying to decide where to go. But for a hot tip try Degraves Espresso down Degraves Lane or any down The Block.

My advice would be stay a while as Melbourne shouldn’t be rushed. Try somewhere different every day.
This is one of my Sydney favorites down the Marrickville Rd when I lived in Marrickville (sigh) and not because of its appearance (it is lacking in this regard) but because of its amazing breakfasts, coffee and vibe. I remember that at the every morning at the same time a group of elderly Greek Gentlemen would sit there and chat (in Greek of course) and this added to the charm. Plus, every time you visited, Sasha the Barista would always say hi, call you by name and chat about whatever. 

Marrickville Road Cafe on Urbanspoon

But don't get me started about Kelby's down the road which often seemed like heaven in a form of a cafe and very poplaur with mum and babies (lovely), plus Albo's team. 

Kelby's Cafe Marrickville on Urbanspoon

But there are many of other cafés in Sydney and especially along Bondi Beach and in Newtown. My favorite was one near Dendy Cinema on King Street (Newtown) which did a mega huge coffee in bowels that tasted like liquid gold and was an ideal companion to Aussie Vogue. But its perfect location would make it an ideal venue for a post movie gossip and discussion on the latest art house film.
Another Sydney favorite is Café Hernandez in Potts Point. It is everything that you want in a cafe, great coffee, small and intimate with a cool vibe, plus great opening hours. For more info check out

As for Perth, there are many places to go for breakfast. There is King Street which is in Perth’s “West End” that serves up a lovely breakfast but remember, kids are allowed here but they are not appreciated.
John Street Café (near Cottesloe beach) is one of my all time favorites. This was once a boarding house but is now a relaxed little joint that is nestled in a residential street near one of Perth’s most popular beaches. Be prepared to wait for a table because their breakfasts are popular with people who have just had a swim.

John Street Cafe on Urbanspoon
Nearby is Ven’s Café which is on Neapolitan Street in Cottesloe and while its breakfasts are to die for it is a bit further back from the beach.  

Atomic in South Perth is another popular for this first meal of the day. They have something to tempt everyone and great coffee to get you started. A word of warning, it does get very busy on the weekend!   
With the Aussie summer is approaching, going out for breakfast is an ideal start to any day and a perfect beginning to the weekend. There are many cafés around the country to suit every mood and taste, so go forth and enjoy!!!!  

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