Saturday, August 23, 2014

Architects and Heroes creates perfection in a cup

With Perth weather getting warmer, it was the perfect day for a coffee and lunch with friends.

Being in Subiaco we were keen to enjoy some good coffee while enjoying the popular local past time of people watching and what better place to visit is the neighbourhood superstar - Architects and Heroes.

Our timing was perfect as an alfresco table cleared as we arrived and were soon offered menus and glasses of water by staff.

We poured over the coffee menu and trying to decide what kind of coffee to use for our Long Mac and Flat White. My friend chose grinder 1 (a sectional blend which has elements of raspberry, honey, malt and cinnamon) while I chose grinder two (a Costa Rican blend that has coco, caramel and orange flavours) as I usually love coffee with a slightly tangy flavour.

After we choose what food to enjoy, our coffee soon came out and from the first sip it was clear why it was Architects and Heroes is considered to be one of the best cafes in Perth. The coffee wasn’t the major caffeine hit that you find at other cafés but I still thought my Long Mac was perfect.

Our food was soon brought out and one friend loved their stake sandwich and loved its sweet and oniony flavour. My other friend and I both ordered Vegetable Toastie and were pleasantly surprised. They were a great combination of veggies and chutney (which wasn’t overbearing or too spicy) while being easy to eat and not too greasy. It would have been nice to have wholemeal bread but we still love them.       

The décor is cool and has a great vibe. The only problem is that it is closed on Sunday which is a shame considering that going out for breakfast is one of Perth’s favourite activities.

I look forward to come here again to explore more of their perfect coffee while watching the world go by and a moment in the sun.

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