Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sparrow’s Nest is a true gem

I love this place!!!

The Sparrow’s Nest is the kind of café that I fell in love when I was in my teens. It’s funky vibe and cool décor (including a piano in the corner) that includes a combination of tables and chairs as well as sofas which makes it a perfect spot to enjoy a Saturday lunch with friends.

My friends and I scored a spot on the sofa at the back. I went for the Chicken (with a bit of bacon and I think cheese) wrap which warmed to perfection. My fiends shared a plate of nachos which was plenty for two. They chose to add Pulled Pork to their Mexican which complimented the cheese and sauce.

The coffee was nice. While it didn’t have the power kick that coffee from other cafés give but it was still well made and tasted great.

The Sparrow’s Nest staff are friendly, efficient and they did well during a busy Saturday rush.

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