Saturday, February 6, 2016

Oh what a crumpet!

There is nothing like a good crumpet.

Great crumpet moments are those with a nice warm crumpet (plus a bit of honey on top) and a good cup of tea.

Despite my simple approach, the humble crumpet could provide the foundation for many interesting dishes.  

This morning was not a good crumpet moment.

Initially, I was excited to see a café dedicated to the consumption of my beloved crumpet as I thought you could have so much fun with it but maybe I was wrong.

Crumpet in East Vic Park reminded me of a 90s Australian suburban milk bar with it’s simple décor, laminated menus and straight forward dishes.

My eggs benedict wasn’t not bad. It was well presented but didn’t really have me raving especially with the eggs being slightly undercooked. 

The coffee was disappointing considering that the Crumpet shares the strip with cafés such as The Imp and Harvest, just to name a few. 

Having said all, it was a nice place to catch up with a friend and just chill. The good thing was that Crumpet was cheap and had aircon which you want during Perth's hot summer. It is also family friendly which you've got to love if you have kids.  

Better luck next time, I guess!

Crumpet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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