Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Ghanaian adventure at Boti Falls

Today was time to enjoy my last weekend in Ghana and I thought it was a good time to visit Boti Falls which is a few hours from Accra by tro tro. Luckily, I had a friend to help to navigate the unfamiliar transport system.

Riding in a Tro Tro
It was really nice to see more of Ghana than just the capital city and going up to the hills behind Accra brought some welcome relief to from the intense heat. After four hours and the usual drama of travelling in Ghana we finally got there. 
We paid our money and off we went on what we thought was a leisurely walk but how wrong we were!! 
The walk soon turned in to a serious jungle climb over these rocks and up some steep slopes. Being not in to sport or serious physical exertion of any kind, I was not impressed - especially before lunch. but luckily, something possessed me to buy a Snickers Bar before I left town so all was well and a hypo meltdown was avoided.

While we enjoyed our Snickers we were able to see an amazing rock that was perched on another as well as the awesome view from our horrendous climb.

No far from this rock was we got to see a rather unusual tree - one trunk but with three heads so to speak.

As I was climbing down, I was dreaming that if I had a few million dollars I would turn the place into some massive Eco Tourism and sustainability education venue where kids could learn to appreciate the natural environment and the importance to taking care of it. As a tourism attraction it is very under developed but I guess that tourism is not one of one of Ghana's priorities right now.  

Boti Falls

After a long climb down we finally got to the falls, which was amazing!!! Unfortunately it wasn't the rainy season so there was not much water but it was still very beautiful. While we were there, a group of excitable children became so fascinated by the two Obruni (white people) that they just gathered round to watch them swim, which would have put me right off but it didn't seem to bother them.

Visiting Boti Falls was well worth effort and would recommend it to anyone. Apparently you can stay the night as well as visit some other water falls near by but don't let the distance from Accra stop you from going as the experience is well worth it. 

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