Sunday, March 18, 2012

A noisy finish to a slow working week

It was a noisy Friday night last night when two local Nima churches decided to broadcast their services via load speaker while the local mosques' were calling followers to their Friday night prayers.  It was a cacophony of styles and values but this didn't stop the members of the Ikando house from adding Reggae to the musical landscape and enjoying a beer while watching the sunset.

This week continued to be frustratingly slow due to my boss being away on Thursday/Friday so I was at a loose end. But I did eat a bit of local food and do a spot of shopping as well as make progress with my "holiday reading".


I did become a typing queen on Tuesday and helped Management to type pages and pages of text and on Wednesday I help to register people for their mandatory First Aid Course as part of the drivers' education.   

Yesterday was spent providing hand washing services for a wedding reception. It was nice to see a local wedding which wasn' t too wildly different to the ones in Australia. Lots of food was eaten by the guests and the kids seem to have a great time.

Today, eating and reading are on the cards which are a great way to spend a gray and overcast Sunday.   

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