Friday, October 5, 2012

It’s all about the coffee

I love a good cup of coffee and especially if it is in a cool little cafe with a good vibe.

Below are some that are new to Perth and some that are old favourites.

Uncle Joe’s Mess has only been open about 3 weeks and is where Zukka was.  This Cafe is tucked away up a corridor behind a shop on King Street.

It has a bit of a war/MASH theme and looks like it should be part of Red Cross field project in Afghanistan.

It has great coffee and lovely food. Defiantly a good place to go!

Uncle Joe's Mess Hall on Urbanspoon

Another newish Cafe that has to be visited is Standing Room Only.

Don’t expect to be able to sit here because it is literally standing room only. Based on the Italian espresso bar, SRO is down Piccadilly Arcade and caters for the true lovers of coffee.

There are no cheap and “starbukky” gimmicks here, just great coffee.
Standing Room Only on Urbanspoon

If you want “starbukky” gimmicks without having to step in side in to a chain of cafes such as the Dome or Gloria Jeans, then try Infusion, down Plaza Arcade.

They are famous for their bags of flavoured coffee and random blends of the day such as Krakatoa East of Java and The Cartel which, from memory, is a blend of Columbian, Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee.

With its friendly barista Terry who is always up for a chat and a laugh, Infusion is great if you want something different.

If you really can’t face another coffee (is that at all possible??) but want to go to a chilled out venue try Cabin Fever, tucked away down Bon Marche Arcade. I tried their Ice Tea and was glad to see that not just a bottle and they made an effort to present it well.

Cabin Fever, like so many cafes have taken on the retro theme. It's retro fitout is is defiantly kitsch but something about the chilled out vibe makes it not too much of a cliché.     

Finally, The Suite in Shenton Park is a cool bar/cafe that also is decked out with that Retro theme. It also has a cool (but small) function room of the same style if you're into that kind of thing. 

It has totally cool menu and great drinks of all kinds and coffee that isn’t bad.  It’s great for coffee moments with dad before work.

Anyway, I hope that this has been helpful and furthered your enjoyment of Coffee.

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