Saturday, August 10, 2013

Swiss clock brings back memories and marks moments of happiness

While trawling through eBay one rainy Sunday afternoon I stumbled on the kind of wall clock that you find in Swiss train stations and I immediately knew I had to purchase same.

Having a Swiss Mum and having been there on holiday many times, I have great memories of train journeys from Geneva to Neuch√Ętel and beyond. Not only are the train network super efficient but the views from them are amazing and breath taking. My all time favourite journey is going from Geneva to Paris which meandered high up along the sides of the mountains, giving spectacular views of the landscape. Next on the list would have to be going to Interlaken at such a speed that it was hard to fully appreciate the views.         

The Swiss are famous for their clocks as well as time keeping in general but what I really appreciate about this clock is that it reminds me that I am not at work and therefore my time is my own. Not that my weekends are run Swiss military style with every minute accounted for but it reminds me to enjoy my time off and fill it to the max with activities that are actually rewarding and stimulating.

Everyone needs something that reminds them to use their time wisely and to create a life well lived and my Swiss clock keeps me in time.  

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