Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toastface Grillah takes lunchtime staple to a new level

Sometimes you want a change of routine – something different, something new.

So yesterday, as I was doing my usual workout at the gym and deciding what I wanted for lunch before work, I decided on a change from my usual cheese sandwich.

Nestled down an ally way in a part of Perth’s CBD that is not traditionally known for its cafés, Toastface Grilliah had a menu that would be a definite improvement on my usual boring lunches.  

This joint is based around toasted sandwiches and while this sounds like something that couldn’t possibly work (why would you pay for something as simple as a cheese sandwich?), the creative menu is what made me want to buy one of their toasties.

Ranging from the traditional like ham and cheese to the downright strange such as brie and jam as well as more contemporary flavours as pear and blue cheese, I went straight away for the 3 cheeses sandwich.

Having both Swiss and English heritage, a toasted cheese sandwich that included Gruyerre, Emmantel and Cheddar seemed to be a combination to die for and instantly brought back memories of these far away countries.  

At $ 7, it is little pricey but worth the trip down memory lane, and a move to sourdough bread or the like would be the icing on the cake.

To compliment my sandwich and to prepare for the eight hour shift that was to come, I ordered a coffee which was well made but lacked flavour and proper caffeine hit that I was looking for.  

It defiantly has an unusual menu, quirky vibe and is one of many new venues in Perth’s alleys and laneways but I hope that is enough to ensure its continued success.

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