Friday, December 26, 2014

A night at Lotterwest Film Festival is a great way to enjoy a beautiful Perth evening.

What did you do for Boxing Day?

After a busy Christmas period and the end of the working week, I wanted to celebrate the start of my holidays with something special. So a friend and I decided that there would be no nicer way of enjoying a balmy Perth evening than catching a movie at Somerville Outdoor Cinemas.

Somerville Outdoor Cinemas are on the beautiful grounds of the University of Western Australia and runs between November and April as part of the Perth International Arts Festival. Nestled among pine trees, this cinema has always been my favourite place to enjoy a meal and a glass of wine with friends and family before a movie.

Their movies aren’t mainstream but are still the best of international cinema. Tonight we say 5-7 which was a quirky Rom-Com. Glenn Close and her opposite number gave a hilarious performance.  
If you plan to eat before, remember to come early because the grass area at the front fills up pretty quickly. Also, don’t forget to save your seat so get a good one.

You can bring your own food of you can buy your own. There is Charlies Pizzas who make them onsite using their special oven. We loved their blue cheese & pumpkin and was easily shared among the two of us. They also do cheese platters.  There is also place that does curry, pasta and sushi as well as salads. Coffee, ice cream as well as beer and wine are also on offer.     

 As it gets dark and to the sound of the odd Kookaburra, people pack up and begin to make their way to their chairs.   

If you’re looking for something different this summer, why not get a possie together and see something at Somerville, you’ll love it.

For more information visit The Perth International Arts Festival website

Note that the movies are shown at Joondalup Pines at ECU.

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  1. This is a lovely way of welcoming in your holiday season and the pizza looks utterly delicious! Have a fantastic weekend! :)



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