Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sprolo is coffee speak for #yolo

With its quaint tree lined streets the Perth suburb of Kensington isn’t really known for its café culture so Sprolo is a great addition.

Sprolo has taken its name from “spresso” (Barista speak for espresso)and the pop culture term, YOLO or You Only Live Once. This new café now occupies what was a garage or some kind of small electrical small business. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but inside it is bright, airy and spacious while having a distinctive Scandinavian feel to it. It also has a good mixture of tables (of various sizes) and couches as well as a kids corner. 

Sprolo also shares its space with Blacklist Coffee Rosters which is convenient if you need to pick up some beans or other coffee related paraphernalia. But don’t get me wrong, it no way is it cramped.

I ordered a Long Mac (topped up) and it quickly came out looking perfect. They have different roasts on offer and I chose the “Mexican Atoyac Natural” one which has hints pineapple, mango, cashew and apple. I defiantly could taste the acidic pineapple but it isn’t one of those flavoured coffee gimmicks but just good coffee with hints of pineapple.

My Shaved Ham Toastie was great. I don’t know what cheese they used but it tasted so nice and the tomato relish worked well with the cheese and the ham.

The dark choc and raspberry tart was perfect and worked well with the coffee. It wasn’t too sweet and just the right size.

The place was packed and I am so glad that it is taking off as there is nothing worse than a concept failing because of lack of support. I will defiantly be back.   

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