Sunday, March 29, 2015

A perfect night out at Perth’s Night Noodle Market

Last night was so cool. Why?

My friends and I went out to the Night Noodle Markets in Perth’s Cultural Centre.  

The Night Noodle Markets was part of the Good Food Month here in the West. It was such a good idea and a great way to enjoy the autumn warm weather before the mild Perth winter sets in with its wild wind and rain.

Knowing that the markets would get busy when the clocks ticked over to night time,

we decided to go at about four. This was a good idea as were able to check out the stalls without competing with 1000s more and, not to mention, the opportunity to get a table.

We managed to score a table of sorts where we shared our meals while we chatted away which was cool, as we could try so much more than if we went solo.

There was every kind food: Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese and so much more and since it was outside meant that it was super accessible. The fact that there was something for everyone meant that so many people were able to enjoy the food in a relaxed atmosphere.

There were families with young children enjoying time with their grandparents while mum and dad didn’t have to worry about the kids sitting still and making a mess.

There was also a whole range of people else just enjoying the food in the sunshine with friends which is a perfect way of spending a Sunday afternoon.

It is a shame that Perth’s Night Noodle markets are over now but there are plenty in the suburbs and I would totally recommend them as a  relaxed way of spending time with friends.



  1. This looked like a fun time out, food sounded amazing!!Wonderful....thanks for popping by my blog, I hope you have a great week :) xx

  2. This sounds delicious, and oh the sunshine!

    1. It was delicious and yeah, the sunshine is never ending here :)


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