Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why singing makes you feel great

With it being Easter and all that, this week is promising to be very musical.

Since I am in a church choir we’ll be singing Thursday, Friday and Saturday (I also have a singing lesson, a uni choir singing lesson and then a rehearsal on Wednesday) but I don’t mind this as I love singing and it is such an important part of my life. It always will be.

Ever since I was a kid I have sung in choirs but it wasn’t until I moved to Australia that it became a constant part of my life during the good times and the tough.

I remember being 16 and feeling totally dejected but something told me to join a choir. So I ended up joining an adult choir that was part of the University of WA and it ended up being perfect. 

Since I look younger than I actually am (I must have looked about 12 at the time) you should have seen the looks they gave me as I turned up to rehearsals in my school uniform. But it was a life saver as well as a rock during the angst and dramas of my teenage years.

I’ve been singing in the choir (except for a few years in my late twenties) ever since and my Wednesdays wouldn’t the same without it.  
As you can see music is an important part of my life. It brings me joy, opportunities and friendships as well as many memories. But it is also so much more than that. There is something about it that makes all the drama of everyday life seem to fade away for a few hours.

When I sing I find that there is so much to think about that I can’t actually think about anything else. I have to focus on the notes and pitching them right as well as rhythm and using the correct singing technique.

That’s why I love my St Pats choir as it is so small that I have there is nowhere to hide and I have to try and get everything right. I love how we get to cover so much great music. It maybe Catholic but it doesn’t matter as it is all about the music and the posse who happen to be great in so many ways.
Singing is well known for its psycho-social and physical benefits.

For example, it is said to release endorphins and have a positive impact on your mood while reducing muscle tension. Singing is also known for bring people together and this is so true. When I think of my Fremantle choir I am always struck about how diverse the small group is and how we come together to make music.

It is no coincidence that singing and music generally is a universal activity that is seen in every culture around the world. It is successful in supporting people who are homeless or suffering from mental health problems.    

So if you want to do something different that makes you feel great while making your brain work and gives you a chance to meet some new people, try joining a choir. There is one for everyone.   


  1. How lovely that you're part of a church choir! I've been playing with the idea lately myself as well, funnily enough.. :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. My husband always says he knows I'm in a good mood if i'm singing. Now if only I had a good voice!


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