Sunday, April 19, 2015

Public Art gives colour to Perth’s built environment

Over the past couple of days several of Perth’s suburbs (including parts of the CBD) have come alive thanks to a Public Art project called Form 15. This project has given a pop of colour to an otherwise sterile and uninspired built environment.

On a perfect autumn day, I went to see some on the art that has appeared on many of the city’s buildings as well as in my own suburb of Victoria Park.

So after a quick bite to eat at Le Vietnamese, I grabbed a map and went on a mission to find some of the art. I soon got to China Town and while many of the walls were still being worked on, I still loved seeing Perth’s lane ways being opened up. The staff were really helpful making sure I had a map and knew what was going on.

It is a little late now but China Town was gearing up for a street party of sorts later that day (Friday night) which was designed to be a family friendly event.

I thought it was a great idea and I am so glad that they’ve decided to focus on that area of the city as up til recently is part has been a little dead. But since there are a few new bars and restaurants that have opened up and, not to mention changes to the layout of the city, this area is slowly changing for the better.    

I also loved how they’ve included the suburbs so where ever you live you won’t have to go far to admire the art.

The only problem I had with Form 15 was that I thought the art was a little hard to find as the PDF map that you could download from the website was a little hard to read on an iphone. If there is a next time they could think about developing an app that could guide people to the art as well as provide info about the artists and their work.

So below are a few photos of the work and if you have a chance I would encourage you to check it out. FYI, the Perth weather is looking super fine for the next week.  


  1. Wow, these are such cool street arts. I hope there are lots of this in my place but unfortunately we don't have :( Thanks for sharing! :)

    Have a great day!


  2. Yeah, urban art is very cool and defiantly adds a new dimension to an otherwise dull city scape. I hope you'll get some your way soon

  3. Very interesting! That portrait of that man on the brick building is incredible!


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